10mm Premium B/A Lanyard Lobster Clip


10mm Premium Breakaway Lanyard Met Metale Sleutelhaak

Give your employees a reliable way to carry their ID badge regardless of how often badges are used. At OmniCard, we have durable yet inexpensive lanyards to help staff members get the most of their badges. Our lanyards are available in a variety of colours and can provide a professional way to display ID badges that really makes an impression on clients that your workers interact with.

Comfortable Ways to Display Badges

With a lobster clip lanyard from OmniCard, employees can be confident their badge is kept in place wherever they go. These metallic clips are tough enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear – just like your badges. Our lanyards are lightweight for a comfortable experience in any working conditions.

If your company relies on badges as a security measure along with barcode scanners and other readers, these lanyards are a must have. They offer a hands-free way for employees to carry their badges without the accessibility issues of having to clip badges to a t-shirt or placing them in a pocket.

Benefit from Our Proven Expertise

Lobster clip lanyards are just one of the great ID accessories and other security solutions we offer. As an industry leader for more than 20 years, OmniCard has provided the best security hardware and software to companies around the world. Let us bring that expertise to help you take care of any security needs your company has.

Discover all of the options we offer. Contact us today and let us help you make the purchases you need for your company.

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