15mm B/A Lanyard Lobster Clip Zwart


15mm Breakaway Lanyard Met Metale Sleutelhaak - Zwart

Employees rely on their ID badges every day. Not only do badges provide information at a glance to other staff members, vendors, and customers, but they are an important security tool. When you rely on badges to work alongside card readers the last thing you need is for employees to get frustrated having to fumble in their pocket to get their badge. Instead, give them an easy way to carry their badge with a durable lanyard from OmniCard.

Our lanyards with lobster clip ends are a reliable way for employees to carry their badge wherever they go. The metallic clip provides a firm grip on cards so they can carry with confidence. Whether your workers just need their badge around the office or out in the community, our lanyards are a reliable solution.

Give Employees a Professional Look

Not only does a lobster clip lanyard make using an ID badge easy, but it also gives employees a more professional look. These lanyards have a sleek finish and come in several colours so you can easily incorporate them into existing business attire. Your employees can maintain a professional appearance and proudly display their ID badge to create the right impression with clients and other members of the community by using one of these lanyards.

Handle Every Security Need with One Vendor

Rely on OmniCard when you need easy-to-use security solutions for your company’s infrastructure. With more than 20 years of experience we are an industry leader at providing the best security software and hardware choices. We also offer great in-house IT support – so all of your needs are handled from a single vendor.

Browse our inventory to fulfill your needs today. If you have questions, contact us today!

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