15mm B/A Lanyard Plastic Haak


15mm Breakaway Lanyard Met Kunstof Haak

15 mm B/A Lanyard Plastic Hook

Your employees should be able to wear their ID badges with pride. Not only are badges a way for staff members to be instantly identified, but they can be a source of free advertisement to customers and others in the community. Since these badges are so useful, you want to make sure employees will be able to easily wear them wherever they go.

OmniCard offers a great selection of ID accessories, including stylish 10mm lanyards in several bold colours. These breakaway lanyards allow your staff members to wear their badge without it getting in the way while they work. It’s also a great hands-free solution so they always have easy access so they can use it with card readers and other devices without having to take it out of their pocket.

Create a Professional Look for Employees

It’s extremely important your employees look as professional as possible whenever dealing with customers and vendors. A slick ID badge can be a great part of your work uniform, and show how much your company values staff appearance. You can add to that image with a durable lanyard from us. Each lanyard is lightweight but offers a proficient look that leaves the right impression on anyone that deals with your company.

Providing Reliable Security Solutions

You’ll find great ID and security solutions to cover every contingent when you shop with OmniCard. We’ve offered our extensive inventory and experience to companies throughout the world for more than 20 years. As an industry leader, we have the right solutions at the right price for your organization’s needs.

Learn more about our services by reaching out to our team. Order from OmniCard today!

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