MIFARE Classic 1K Kaart - Wit

SKU: KK2342

MIFARE Classic 1K PVC Kaart - Wit (Pak 100 stuks)

MIFARE® Classic 1K Card - White

If you’re looking for a contactless smart card that is ideal for high-volume transactions in a wide range of applications, such as time attendance solutions, transport ticketing, car parking, and cashless vending, look no further than the MIFARE® Classic 1K card, available for sale at OmniCard. The MIFARE® Standard 1K card operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and includes read/write capabilities and ISO/IEC14443 Type A compliance.

Superior Quality and Flexibility

The MIFARE® Classic 1K card is an ideal solution for multiple applications and can read service points at distances of up to 10 cm, depending on the overall power provided by the card reader. OmniCard supplies the card as a blank white printable PVC card that contains genuine NXP chips. The card is designed using premium quality materials and card production methods to ensure superior quality, reliable performance, and flexible compatibility.

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