MIFARE Classic 4K Hi-Co Mag Kaart - Wit

SKU: KK2832

MIFARE Classic 4K PVC Kaart met Hi-Co Magneetstrip - Wit (Pak 100 stuks)

Return of the MIFARE® Classic

If you want an ID card you know you can count on, OmniCard has got what you need. We provide ID solutions that are versatile and built to last, and we've made sure the MIFARE® Classic 4k can stand the test of time.

NXP’s MIFARE® serves a wide range of contactless IC products, with a read/write distance of 10 cm (4 inch) used in over 40 different application types worldwide. We sell genuine NXP MIFARE® cards, which comply with ISO/IEC 14443, and are more reliable than any other interface technology on the market. The MIFARE® Classic 4k is equipped with high coercivity magnetic stripes and operates at 13.56 MHz frequency range.

Key applications:

  • Public transportation
  • Electronic toll collection
  • Loyalty cards
  • Event ticketing
  • Car parking

Contact us for any further queries, and trust OmniCard to deliver the solutions your company needs.

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