Nisca PR-C151

SKU: 240-0002

PR-C151 DTC Printer Dubbelzijdig

NiSCA’s Dual Sided Card Printer

A big upgrade from the older NiSCA printer models, the PR-C151 ID card printer offers a reliable and versatile printing solution. This dual-sided card printer is a durable choice that requires minimal maintenance to produce high-quality, colour images for all your ID card needs. Enjoy more memory (32MB) as well as standard ethernet and USB connectivity with this innovative printer.

PR-C151 Features

With so many mods and upgrades available for this NiSCA model, you can completely customize an ID card printer that’s perfect for your needs. From security lamination that can print hidden images or embedded holograms to a multitude of encoding options, this NiSCA design practically does it all. Check out a number of its specialty features including:

  • Can Print 126 Single Sided Cards Per Hour
  • Can Print 66 Dual Sided Cards Per Hour
  • 100 Card Feeder Capacity
  • 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch)
  • 24 Bit Colour
  • Dual Sided Printing
  • Compatible with PVC and PVC Composite Cards
  • Optional Mag Stripe or Contactless Card Encoding
  • Optional Single or Dual Sided Lamination

OmniCard also offers all the software and accessories you need to ensure your ID card printer is running smoothly. Explore all our options for ribbons, tags, cleaning kits, and more today!

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