IDP SMART-31R Rewrite

SKU: 220-0011

Re-Writable Kaart Printer (USB)

The IDP Smart-31R ID Card Printer

Whether you need to print temporary student IDs, employee tags, resort passes, or store loyalty cards, you can do it easily and efficiently with the IDP Smart-31R ID card printer. Affordable, compact, and simple to use, this printer should be the number one tool for all your single-sided card needs.

Safe and Secure

The Smart series is an incredibly secure system to use for sensitive operations. It requires password verification as well as user and admin identification before use. You can also set a specific authorized computer for encoding and printing cards. Even while using USB or ethernet connectivity, this software encrypts data and supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

IDP Smart-31R ID Card Printer Features

If you’re looking for the right printer to imprint temporary information on ID cards, the SMART-31 Rewritable printer is perfect for you. It uses the direct thermal rewriting method to allow you to reprint cards over and over again. Read on to learn about the other notable features from this printer.

  • Capable of Rewriting Cards in 12 Seconds
  • Available 300, 600, & 1200 DPI (Dots per Inch)
  • Edge-to-Edge Printing Abilities
  • LED Button for Front Operation
  • Upgradable Modules: Ethernet
  • Installable Encoders: Magnetic Stripe, Contact & Contactless Cards

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