Matica XID9300

€7.920,00 - €8.307,00

XID 9300e Re-Transfer Printer Dubbelzijdig

Innovative ID Card Printers

Best for even the most challenging or uneven surfaces of smart cards, the Matica XID 9300 Retransfer ID Card Printer brings you durable, top quality printing results. With so many lamination and encoding options, you get amazing flexibility for any professional environment. Discover a printer with security features that makes it perfect for high volume, security sensitive operations including multinational corporations, government agencies, R&D labs, and much more.

Matica XID 9300 Features

To ensure the security of your department and create top quality ID cards, the XID 9300 includes a number of specialty features.

  • Rugged Design for Heavy Duty Use
  • Compact Shape for Printing Anywhere
  • Security Including UV Ink Ribbon, Security Erase, & IPSEC
  • Double Sided Printing & Over the Edge Printing Capabilities
  • Ability to Print on PVC, PET, Polycarbonate, & More
  • Durable ART Retransfer Film for Longer Lasting ID Cards
  • Can be Used with Advanced CEF for Inline Smart Card Encoding

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