Matica XL8300

€5.175,00 - €5.859,00

XL 8300 Re-Transfer Kaart Printer

Choose the Matica XL 8300

A specialty line of the much lauded 8000 series from Matica, the XL 8300 provides you with top quality retransfer printing. This machine is built to print exceptionally high grade oversized cards specifically for event management and staff. Meant to be used with non-standard, large format cards, creating ID badges, VIP passes, or event tags becomes a much more manageable task with this printer.

XL 8300 Features

From conventions and sports events to concerts and conferences, the Matica XL 8300 can do it all. Some of the most attractive features of this top of the line card printer include:

  • Print 128 Monochrome Cards Per Hour
  • Print 85 Full Colour Cards Per Hour
  • Optional Contactless Smart Card Upgrade
  • UV Printing for Invisible Text, Logos, & Watermarks
  • Print with PVC, PET, or ABS Cards

Pair your new badges with our ID accessories like lanyards and card holders for a durable way to make wearable IDs. Shop Omnicard today!

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